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Put the People First — Vote for Change on November 4!

If you feel like the problems we face as a state and a nation just keep getting worse and no one seems to be doing anything to make things better, if you feel like hardworking Tennesseans keep falling farther behind, if you feel like our nation has failed to keep its promises to seniors, veterans, and to our children — the future of this country — then stand up and demand change.  USE YOUR VOTE ON NOVEMBER 4TH TO SAY IT’S TIME FOR SOMETHING BETTER.We face many important issues and can’t afford to sit out this election. We have Democratic candidates in every race who stand by the people and support American values like caring for our seniors, supporting public education, and keeping our promise to veterans who fought and died for this country.Early voting begins October 15th and runs through October 30th at the Putnam County Election Commission office at  705 County Services Drive off Willow Avenue.  Polls are open from 9 to 7 on Tuesday, November 4 at your local precinct.  VOTE.  Tell your family and friends to vote.  Drive your neighbor to the polls.  We have to take action if we want to make things better.  If you have questions about times and dates for early voting or your voting location, call the Election Commission at 526-2566.

Remember during this election, we need to vote to put the power in the hands of ordinary Americans.  Vote for your Democratic candidates and vote against the Constitutional amendments that seek to make the regressive policies of this administration permanent.



Democratic Candidates for State House of Representatives:

Mike Walsh (District 42 – most of Putnam County) – has lived in Tennessee for 43 years; currently retired, formerly employed by Legal Aid and the IRS; recently elected to the TNDP Executive Committee; has a long history of advocating for those in need; running on a platform of equality for all Tennesseans, increasing the minimum wage, expanding health care coverage to all, and supporting a strong system of public education

Judy Barnett (District 25 – parts of Monterey) – retired, former social worker; former foster parent; former tax preparer; running on a platform of full healthcare coverage for all Tennesseans, supporting local hospitals by expanding Medicaid, raising the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, public funded public schools, more educator control over education, and bringing more state revenue back to local communities.  Opposes big money in politics.

Democratic Candidate for State Senate

Betty Vaudt (District 15) – retired educator; military mom; long-term advocate for Tennessee’s working families and a founding member and former Chair of Power of Putnam; strong advocate for public education and early childhood education; national presenter on ethics and bullying prevention; running on a platform of common sense, service-based leadership, supporting Tennessee working families, quality childcare and education for all Tennessee children, raising the minimum wage, and expanding Medicaid to provide health care coverage for those in need, support Tennessee hospitals, protect health care jobs, and improve our state economy.

Democratic Candidate for Governor

Charles “Charlie” Brown - retired, farmer, running on a platform of raising the minimum wage, strengthening and protecting unions, supporting hunters’ rights, protecting public resources, and shining a light on how the current governor’s friends and family have benefited financially from his time in office.



Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives

Amos Powers (6th District) – 5th generation Tennessean,  TTU graduate, advanced degree in Diplomacy with a concentration in International Conflict Management; two years service in AmeriCorps; running on a platform of protecting Medicare and Social Security, keeping our promises to veterans and their families; equal pay for equal work; increasing the minimum wage, tax reform and a tax system in which everyone pays their fair share; job creation through innovation, developing renewable energy sources, balancing the federal budget, bringing health care costs under control, and comprehensive immigration reform.

Democratic Candidate for US Senate

Gordon Ball – former federal prosecutor; criminal defense attorney; class-action lawsuit attorney; running on a platform protecting Medicare and Social Security, equal pay for equal work, protecting veterans’ benefits, increasing the minimum wage, simplifying the tax code, protecting the privacy of ordinary Americans, passing a balanced budget amendment, term limits, supporting public education, and repealing anti-trust protection for insurance companies.



The state Constitution is a permanent document designed to provide a framework for how our state government works.  It is unusual to have one Amendment on the ballot and unheard of to have four.  Amendments are rare because they’re are difficult to pass and difficult to undo.  Three of the four amendments on the ballot on November 4 are designed to increase the power of the state legislature and to make permanent policies that the current legislative majority supports, but that future legislators may find objectionable.  So in effect, by putting the amendment on the ballot, the current legislative majority is trying to legislate well into the future.

The Putnam County Democratic Party recommends voting No on all four Constitutional amendments.

Amendment 1 – This amendment would strip privacy rights of women and girls from the state Constitution and give the Tennessee state legislature unlimited authority under the state Constitution to restrict or ban abortion under any and all circumstances. There are NO exceptions in this amendment for pregnancies that might threaten the health or the life of the pregnant woman and NO exception for pregnancies that result from rape or incest.  The decision about whether to continue a pregnancy would be taken away from the woman and her family and left entirely in the hands of state legislators.

Amendment 2 – This amendment would essentially give the state legislature the power to approve or not approve Tennessee Supreme Court nominees, giving the state legislature more power over judicial appointments than they have now.

Amendment 3 – This amendment prohibits the state and all local governments from enacting a state payroll or personal income tax, but doesn’t restrict the state or local governments from increasing existing taxes.  Concerns about this amendment are that it will force the state and local governments to increase sales tax on food and other necessities and property taxes on homeowners in order to fund state programs.  This would increase the tax burden most on those who can least afford it — working families.  Other anticipated consequences are cuts in education, first responders, and other important community services and tuition increases at universities throughout the state.

Amendment 4 – This amendment allows veterans organizations to hold lotteries and raffles under the same conditions that  nonprofit organizations may currently hold lotteries and raffles.


Who’s on the Ballot?

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On August 7th, voters in Putnam County will head to the polls for the County General Election and State and National Primary.  The Republican wave that swept through Congress and our state legislature is lapping at our front door and if we want to keep the Democratic Party strong in Tennessee, it’s critical that Democrats get out and VOTE in this election.


There’s NO EXCUSE for sitting out this election!  We have great Democratic candidates for almost every office and our candidates have much more experience and more proven leadership than their opponents.  While Republicans have been playing politics, Democrats have been getting the job done in local government and in courthouses across the state.  Democratic candidates at all levels have stepped up to serve us, please support them by turning out to vote.



Judicial Candidates


Re-elect Chancellor Ronald Thurman – more than 30 years trial experience, 8 years experience as Chancellor, has presided over thousands of cases


Re-elect Circuit Court Judge, Part I Amy Hollars  - 19 years trial experience, 8 years experience as a judge


Elect Randall “Randy” York for Circuit Court Judge, Part II – 32 years trial experience, 6 years experience as District Attorney


Re-elect General Sessions Judge, Part I Nolan Goolsby – more than 30 years trial experience, 16 years experience as a judge


Re-elect General Sessions Judge, Part II John Hudson – more than 30 years trial experience, years experience on the bench


Elect Will Roberson as Criminal Court Judge – 19 years trial experience, experience as both a prosecuting and defense attorney


Elect Tony Craighead as District Attorney – 22 years trial experience as Assistant District Attorney,  years experience as Assistant and Deputy District Attorney, 2 years experience as Interim District Attorney


Re-elect Public Defender David Brady – more than 30 years trial experience, 25 years trial experience as Public Defender


Vote for candidates with the EXPERIENCE to do the job.  VOTE DEMOCRATIC on August 7th.  And fight back against the Koch brother-funded attack against our state Supreme Court by voting to retain Supreme Court Justices Cornelia Clark, Sharon Lee, and Gary Wade. 


County Government Candidates


Re-elect County Executive Kim Blaylock – 10 years experience as state auditor, 6 years experience as a private CPA, former School Board member, 13 years experience as County Executive


Re-elect County Trustee Freddie Nelson – 4 years experience as County Trustee


Elect Keith Marie Farley as County Clerk – 5 years experience in the County Clerk’s office, currently works in the Circuit Court


Elect Jason Scott as Property Assessor – 5 years experience in the Property Assessor’s Office , currently works in the Sheriff’s Department


Re-elect Register of Deeds Harold Burris  - 14 years experience in Register of Deeds office


Re-elect Road Supervisor Randy Jones – 4 years experience as Road Supervisor


Re-elect Circuit Court Clerk Marcia Borys – 12 years experience as Circuit Court Clerk


On August 7th, elect candidates with a proven record of getting the job done.  VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC TICKET.


County Commission Candidates


David “Crock” Randolph (District 1)         Greg “Red” Ray (District 4)

Johnnie Wheeler* (District 5)                     Anna Ruth Burroughs* (District 5)

Reggie Shanks* (District 6)                         Mike Medley* (District 7)

Joe A. Trobaugh* (District 7)                      Danny Holmes (District 8)

Kevin Maynard* (District 10)                     Carol Vinson (District 10)

Marsha Bowman* (District 11)


* These candidates are currently or have previously served on the County Commission.



This election, we have a full slate of Democratic candidates.  If Democrats show up to the polls in the same numbers they showed up in 2012, we can take back seats in the state legislature, the Governor’s mansion, the House, and the Senate.  VOTER TURNOUT IS KEY!  We can’t afford to be complacent.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Vote for Democratic candidates in the primary who can win in November and support the candidates who have worked on your behalf to promote Democratic values.  Please VOTE.


State Government Candidates


Elect Judy Barnett to the Tennessee House of Representatives, District 25 – supports health care for all through the Medicaid expansion, raising the minimum wage, protecting women’s reproductive rights, and equal pay for equal work


Elect Mike Walsh to the Tennessee House of Representatives, District 42  – former legal aid advocate and IRS worker, supports Medicaid expansion, equality for all Americans, a strong system of public education, and increasing the minimum wage


Elect Betty Vaudt to the Tennessee Senate, District 15 – former early childhood educator, supports high quality public schools, including a strong program of early childhood education, Medicaid expansion, and a living wage for all Tennesseans


Candidates for Governor


John McKamey  - former educator and coach,  former County Commissioner and County Mayor in Sullivan County, passionate about stopping the wars on public education and women that have taken over this state; wants to give teachers more input in public education and wants women to have a greater role in government and policy decisions; supports Medicaid expansion because it’s the moral choice, but also because it makes economic sense for the state, bringing much needed money into our economy and helping keep rural hospitals open and fully staffed; opposes cuts to public parks and efforts to privatize vital government services; wants to grow business and industry in Middle Tennessee and supports raising the minimum wage; decided to run for governor because he didn’t see any other candidates campaigning and he believes the problems that confront our state are too great to sit back and let the current Governor get re-elected


IMPORTANT NOTE:  There are three or four other Democratic gubernatorial candidates on the ballot:  Ed Borum, Charles “Charlie” Brown, Ron Noonan, and Kennedy Spellman Johnson.  Sadly, Ed Borum passed away and there is no available information on the other candidates.  John McKamey has been actively campaigning and has been to  Cookeville twice to ask for our votes.


Candidates for Democratic Executive Committee Members



Dennis Gregg *

Mike Walsh



Dr. Geeta McMillan*






Federal Government Candidates


Elect Amos Powers to the United States Congress, 6th District – supports getting big money out of politics, closing tax loopholes, cutting wasteful spending, taking care of our veterans, protecting the social safety net for our seniors, and policies that benefit struggling and middle class families, has been campaigning throughout the district for more than 18 months, is a regular attendee at our local meetings.


Candidates for United States Senate


Terry Adams - Navy veteran, small business owner, attorney, and a new voice in the political arena calling for common sense leadership in Washington; recently endorsed by The Knoxville News Sentinel which said he was the strongest candidate against Lamar Alexander and that he would be a better leader on veterans issues and energy; supports equal pay for women; an increase in the minimum wage; and taking care of our veterans; supports creating an economy that works for the small business owners on Main Street rather than the multi-national corporations and bankers on Wall Street, has campaigned in Cookeville twice and plans to attend our get out the vote rally on August 5th


 Gordon Ball  – attorney, supports values that align with most Tennesseans, regardless of party affiliation; believes a moderate Democratic voice is needed to defeat Lamar Alexander; he supports a federal balanced budget amendment, term limits, no restriction on gun rights, Keystone pipeline and green energy, taking care of veterans and seniors, keeping the good things in the Affordable Care Act and getting rid of the rest, he has campaigned once in Cookeville


Larry Crim – owns a Christian counseling business, supports taking care of veterans, protecting Social Security, better roads in Tennessee, and equal opportunity to high quality education, has not campaigned in Cookeville


Gary Gene Davis  - supports getting rid of partisan gridlock, deficit spending, problems with the Affordable Care Act, and spending on embassies abroad

Contact Us!

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We would love to hear from you!

Phone – 931-520-DEMS (3367)

Email – putnamcountydems@gmail.com

Office Address – 111 North Cedar Avenue, Cookeville TN 38501

Monthly meetings are the third Tuesday of every month at 6 pm at our office.  Please join us!

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