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Supporting the President’s Agenda

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

President Obama reminded us during the campaign that “we are the people we’ve been waiting for,” we are the agents of change.  If we want the President to accomplish what he promised throughout the campaign, we need to stay active and let our elected officials, both at the state and the federal level know that we support the President’s policies.  Throughout the President’s term, we’ll be posting ways that you can help.  Please take the time to make phone calls, send emails, or write letters whenever you can.  Come to rallies and meetings when your schedule permits.  And get involved.  Our voice is stronger when we speak as one, and we worked too hard to get the President re-elected to squander this opportunity through inaction.  Devote 15 minutes a week to contacting your elected officials and see what kind of difference we can make together

Here is a list of actions that you can take NOW to help support the President’s agenda:

At the state level,  please contact Governor Haslam (615-741-2001), Rep. Ryan Williams (526-4163) or Rep. Cameron Sexton (615-741-2343), and Sen. Charlotte Burks (839-3392) to urge them to support the state-run insurance exchange and Medicaid expansion included in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  A state-run exchange will likely be more responsive to local needs and more familiar with the local health insurance market and may make the automatic enrollment process for Medicaid easier and more user friendly.    The additional costs of both programs will be likely be offset to a large degree by a reduction in uncompensated care, increased revenues in the health care industry, and more money in the pockets of people who are currently uninsured.  (***We just found out there will be a Republican Party sponsored forum Dec 4th at 7 pm on the third floor of the County Courthouse.  Please stop by if you have questions or if you want to talk to Rep. Williams in person about your support!)

At the national level, please call Sen. Harry Reid (202-224-3542), Sen. Lamar Alexander (202-224-4944), and Sen. Bob Corker (202-224-3344) about the need for filibuster reform so that the Senate can once again serve the public and address the nation’s problems.  Secret holds and a record number of filibusters have brought the Senate to a standstill and previous efforts to reach a solution have been unsuccessful.  We need to eliminate the secret hold and make Senators engage in a true filibuster where they speak on record about why they oppose legislation, nominees, judicial appointments, etc. if we want a Senate that works for us.

And finally, please call Rep. Diane Black (202-225-4231) to express your support for the President’s efforts to fulfill his campaign promises and enact the vision of America for which the majority of Americans voted on November 6 — including tax increases for those making more the $250,000, no cuts to Social Security, no cuts to Medicare benefits, and no gambling with the economy of the United States.

Thanks for all you do!

It’s Election Day! Have You Voted?

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Today is the day! If you didn’t get a chance to get out early and vote, today is your last chance! The polls will be open until 7 pm and we want everyone to get out and support President Obama and Vice-President Biden and our roster of local candidates. We want the President Obama to win the popular vote as well as the Electoral College vote, so every vote counts.

If you live in Monterey, please get out and vote for Flo Matheson for State Representative There’s some indication that this race may have tightened up and your vote may make the difference. For the rest of Putnam County, Thomas Willoughby is your candidate for State Representative. We’re writing in Rachel Robinson in the 6th Congressional District race against Diane Black. And you can vote your heart in the Senate race — write in your favorite Democrat, support one of the independent candidates, or vote for the candidate on the ballot.

The office will be open all day today, so feel free to drop in. We’re calling voters in North Carolina to get out the vote in our neighboring swing state, taking people who need a ride to the polls out to vote, and holding signs to show our support. And we’ll be having our Election Night party tonight. So come on down and watch the election result come in. We’ll have food and beverages, but feel free to bring something!

Thanks for all you do!

Democratic Candidates for Office Speak at the 2012 Kennedy Dinner

Monday, August 27th, 2012

The Democratic candidates for office at the 2012 Kennedy Dinner, August 25 2012:  Rachel Robinson, Write-in candidate for US House District 6, Thomas Willoughby for State House District 42, and Flo Matheson for State House District 25.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean to give the Keynote Address at Kennedy Dinner

Friday, August 10th, 2012

We are excited that Nashville Mayor Karl Dean will be our keynote speaker at the Kennedy Dinner in Cookeville on August 25.  Other speakers include Flo Matheson, Democratic Candidate for TN House 42, Thomas Wiloughby, Democratic Candidate for TN House 42, and Rachel Robinson, Write-In Candidate for US House District 6.

The dinner is at Nick’s Restaurant and Lounge and begins at 6 pm.  Tickets are $30 each, or $55 for a pair.  The ticket price includes your choice of three entrees, a non-alcoholic beverage, and desserts.  There will also be a cash bar and a silent auction.

Advance ticket sales only!  No tickets will be sold at the door.  To purchase tickets, contact Michelle Davis at 931-544-0223 or Janet Moore.  Tickets can be purchased online via ActBlue.

Sponsorships are also available.

“Karl Dean is the sixth mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County. He was elected on Sept. 11, 2007 in a runoff election, following a general election where he also received the most votes.

Dean’s priorities are improving schools, making neighborhoods safer and bringing more and better jobs to Nashville. He’s also working to make Nashville a more livable city.”

TNDP Chair Chip Forrester’s Statement on Results of Tennessee’s Presidential Primary

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

NASHVILLE — Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester released the following statement tonight on the results of the GOP Primary in Tennessee:

“Mitt Romney’s loss tonight shows that he is out-of-touch with Tennesseans and it raises serious concerns about his chances in November — if he can make it to the general election. Not [...]

Obama Campaign to have Phonebank

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Join us at the Putnam County Democratic Party on Saturday March 3 to phone bank for Presidnt Obama’s re-election! You do need a cell phone to bring to make the calls, and if you’d like you can bring a computer or tablet to use the phone tool. We will have print outs and scripts available as well, so please come even if you can’t bring a computer. (If you don’t have a cell phone that you can use we can take shifts!)

You can find more information and RSVP at

Delegate Selection Convention Announced

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Local Democrats to host county convention to begin delegate selection.

The Putnam County Democratic Party will host a county convention at 12 noon on March 10 at the Putnam County Democratic Party Office, 111 North Cedar Avenue, to begin delegate selection for the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Registration begins at 11 a.m. The local convention is open to any bona fide Democrat in Putnam County.

Any Democrat wishing to become a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention must vote in the March 6 Democratic Primary and declare their candidacy by filling out a Statement of Candidacy and Pledge of Support form available at Completed forms must be returned by March 1, 12 noon CST.

On March 10, participants at the county convention will elect of group of county representatives to attend the Congressional district convention to be held on March 24.

Representatives elected from each county in the Congressional district, based on 2010 lines, will elect the delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Locations for the March 24 Congressional district conventions will be announced at the county convention.

Call the Putnam County Democratic Party at 931-526-DEMS (3367) for more information.

Chip in $20 for 12 months going into 2012!!

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Hey everyone! Now that we are less than a year away from the 2012 election, we’re kicking off a new monthly fundraising idea!

We need folks that can donate $20 a month for the next year as we get ready for the next election. Want signs and visibility here in Putnam County? Then we need money coming in locally. It’s fine to donate to the national groups and candidates, but that money will not be spent here.

People who pledge will receive a Putnam County 2012 T-Shirt. Just let us know your size!

There are several ways to pay. The easiest is via ActBlue on our new $20/12 for 2012 page that I’m linking to below. You can set up a recurring donation that will automatically deduct from your debit or credit card each month for the number of months you specify. (You can cancel at anytime if the need arises.)

You can mail a check to either our PO Box or Street address payable to Putnam County Democratic Party with “2012” in the memo.

Or you can pay with cash during regular office hours, at a movie night, at the parties, or at a meeting! Just make sure the person puts you down as a 2012 pledge!

The Kennedy Dinner helped us greatly with funds for the coming year, but going into an election year increases the need for more funds. To be able to defeat someone like Ryan Williams, we need volunteers and most importantly money to help back the Democratic nominee. Yard signs, stickers, bumper stickers, buttons, etc. aren’t free so we will need more cash to be able to order more supplies!

Can’t do $20 a month? Chip in whatever you can, whenever you can!
ActBlue link:

Republican Plan for the Economy: Higher Unemployment for Tennessee

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
New analysis shows extreme plan endorsed by Sen. Corker, GOP presidential front runners would cost Tennessee 184,569 jobs

NASHVILLE—In advance of tonight’s GOP presidential debate in California, the Tennessee Democratic Party released a new estimate of the number of jobs which would be lost in Tennessee if the Republican Party’s presidential candidates and U.S. Sen. Bob Corker are able to pursue their extreme economic policies.

The analysis conducted by the Democratic National Committee found that just the balanced budget amendment, like the one included in the Tea Party budget plan passed by the U.S. House of Representatives this summer, would result in the loss of 9.5 million American jobs and 184,569 jobs in Tennessee.

The loss of so many jobs would likely sink the economy into a depression the likes of which the country hasn’t experienced since the Great Depression. Sen. Corker and every Republican presidential candidate has come out in favor of a balanced budget amendment to the constitution or supported the Tea Party budget plan which contains one.

TNDP Chair Chip Forrester released this statement:

“9.5 million American jobs lost and 184,569 jobs lost here Tennessee, a second Great Depression, devastation for the middle class, small businesses, students and seniors, an end to Medicare, and a slashed Social Security — that’s the Republican plan for our economy.

“There’s no question we need to get our fiscal house in order and get the economy moving, but the price Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Sen. Bob Corker are willing to pay to appeal to the most extreme and narrow elements of the Tea Party is too high – especially for Tennesseans.

“The Republican approach is like setting dynamite to your home to fix a leaky faucet — and these misguided choices are the result of a Republican Party which has turned over an increasing amount of power to its Tea Party fringe.

“Americans want real solutions to the problems we face and they want a plan to create jobs in the short term and lay a foundation for long-term economic prosperity. What Republicans are proposing falls devastatingly flat on all fronts.”

The new analysis looked at the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) August deficit projections for 2012 ( $991 billion deficit with CBO options for Iraq drawdown, extension of all tax provisions and Alternative Minimum Tax indexing and accounting for the so-called “Doc” fix), and using the conservative Romer-Bernstein rule of thumb that 1 percent of GDP equates to 1 million jobs, concluded that if the plan were fully phased in 2012 and nearly a trillion dollars in federal spending was slashed, the balanced budget amendment would cost 9.5 million jobs nationwide.

Because of the balanced budget amendment’s strict requirements for deep cuts, hard spending caps and a two-thirds majority to raise revenue, Congress would be virtually helpless to reverse the negative effects of these Tea Party Republican policies.


Corker Praises House for Passing Cut, Cap, and Balance, Calls on Senate to Do the Same. [, 7/21/11]

GOP Overreach

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

It’s crystal clear that Tennesseans have soundly rejected the extremist GOP agenda rammed through the state legislature this year.

A new, statewide Vanderbilt University poll found that support for the Republican-led state legislature has “plummeted 20 percentage points since January.

The GOP honeymoon is over and Tennesseans are riled up like never before over lawmakers stripping teachers of their right to collectively bargain for smaller class sizes, school supplies, and text books while cutting millions from public and higher education budgets.

Attacking teachers and our public schools is outrageous!  Please contribute $5 or more to help us fight back.  A generous Democrat will match your gifit dollar-for-dollar making your donation go twice as far.

Teachers and public education weren’t the only targets of the GOP.

Since January we have seen a systematic assault on Tennessee values:

  • IGNORED JOBS CRISIS. In 2010, Republicans campaigned on a platform of jobs, jobs, jobs. Less than one year later, the majority party buried its head in the sand and ignored the crisis facing 300,000 Tennesseans looking for work. And since the GOP took charge, Tennessee’s unemployment rate has climbed to nearly 10 percent.
  • LAVISH RAISES. Gov. Bill Haslam made cuts to important health programs while handing out more than $250,000 worth of raises to his top cronies, all of whom already made six-figure salaries. One commissioner even got a 32% raise — in his first week on the job!
  • PROTECTED PREJUDICE. The GOP gave into the radical right-wing of its party, bowing to demands to overturn Metro-Nashville Council’s CANDO ordinance that required businesses with city contracts to employ non-discrimination hiring policies.

Click here for a more complete look at damage done by Republicans this year.

In short Republicans junked their promise to strengthen the state economy and create jobs in favor of ideological pet projects that harm our families and the least among us.

This poll shows that Tennesseans regret giving Republicans a chance behind the wheel and have quickly become sick of their reckless driving.

Tennesseans are not interested in political retaliation against teachers, they want good schools for their children.

Tennesseans are not interested in the anti-woman demands of the far right, they want to make sure their mothers, sisters and babies are healthy and well cared for.

Tennesseans are not interested in protecting reckless corporations from the damage they do, they want to protect victims and hold corporations responsible for their actions.

Republicans have given us no reason to think they will come to their senses in 2012. Last month Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey bragged on Facebook:

“This year was just an appetizer. Next year, and in the years to come, you will see the main course.”

Whatever Ramsey has in mind, you can rest assured it won’t be good for Tennessee.

If you want to stop the GOP’s radical agenda and put Tennessee on a  path to a thriving economy where prosperity is shared by all, a path where a good education is available to every student, regardless of their circumstance, a path where government serves the people and is not beholden to moneyed special interest then stand with us.

Your gift of $5 or more will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doubling your effort to take back our state for working and middle class Tennesseans.

We can win this fight, but we can’t do it without your support.